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A Comparison of the Top Home Security Companies

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CompanyProtect AmericaLifeShieldADTFrontpointVivint
Company Site
Phone Number
(888) 214-0478
(888) 366-8184
(855) 857-6781
(855) 267-4481
(855) 857-6782
Our ThoughtsLowest PriceProprietary EquipmentMost ExperienceGE ProductsEco-Friendly
Company Since
Door/Window Sensors
3, 7, 10, 12, 15
Motion Sensor Included
Smoke & Heat Detector
Additional Cost
Additional CostIncluded
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Additional Cost
Additional CostAdditional CostIncluded (Ultimate Package)
Key FobAdditional Cost
Additional CostIncluded
Video Cameras
Additional Cost
Included (Platinum Package)
Additional CostIncluded (Ultimate Package)
Additional Cost
Flood Detector
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Freeze Detector
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
IncludedAdditional Cost
Garage Door Monitoring
Additional Cost
Additional CostAdditional CostIncludedAdditional Cost
Wireless System
DIY or Pro Installation
Money Back Guarantee
1 Week
30 Days6 Months30 DaysN/A
Monthly Cost
$23.99 to $42.99
$29.99 to $44.98
$35.99 to $42.99
$34.99 to $49.99
$49.99 to $68.99
Contract Length
3 Years
39 to 63 months
3 years
36 Months or More
3 1/2 Years
Install Fee
$99 For Pro Install
$99 or $199
$0 to $199
Phone Number
(888) 214-0478(888) 366-8184(855) 857-6781(855) 267-4481(855) 857-6782
Protect America

What Are the Costs Related to Getting a Home Security System?

The Cost of Equipment

Many companies offer free equipment packages that serve as a basic equipment starter set. More often than not the equipment you receive free is just as described above: Basic. Unless you only have three windows in your home, you’ll have to buy more door/window sensors. Also, if you want extras such as video surveillance and environmental monitoring, you’ll have to buy that equipment, as well.

The Cost of Monitoring Services

After the initial cost of equipment you’ll have a monthly fee that pays for the monitoring service that your home security system is attached to. Monitoring is definitely worthwhile but it can cost you as much $100 a month. Of course, many companies provide monitoring services at considerably less than that.

Other Costs

  • Installation Fees – This is a one-time fee that pays for professional installation of your home security system. If you choose to install your system yourself, or the company you choose doesn’t offer pro installation, then this fee won’t apply to you.
  • Activation Fee – Some companies require you to pay a one-time activation fee. This fee is assessed at the time you connect your system to the monitoring service for the first time. Most companies will help you through the process, be it in the form of inline or phone support, thus the fee.

Saving Money

Be sure to contact your home security provider and your insurance company to find out how you can save upwards of 20% off your homeowners insurance.

What Kind of Equipment is Available?

Control Panel

As its name implies, the control panel controls your entire system. It communicates with the sensors you have as well as with the monitoring service center. This is where you arm and disarm your system. This is also where panic buttons and other controls are located. This is the most important piece of equipment in your home security system.

Motion Detectors

These sensors detect motion and can be placed both inside and outside the home. Interior motion sensors are connected to your control panel and will trigger an alarm. Exterior units are usually attached to flood lights and are not connected to your control panel.

Door & Window Sensors

How these sensors work is this: one piece is attached to the window frame and another to the window itself. The pieces are magnetic and if the magnetic connection is severed the alarm is triggered.

Sensors That Monitor Environmental Factors

These sensors usually come at an additional cost. Sensors can be purchased that perform specific functions. Here is a list of the most common types of environmental sensors:

  • Fire & Smoke
  • Freeze
  • Flood
  • Carbon Monoxide

Glass Break Sensor

These sensors are placed near window and/or near glass doors, such as sliding doors. There are two types of glass break sensors. One monitors vibration while the other monitors sound.

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